Here’s the Beauty Products You Need to Have in Order to Celebrate National Coffee Day

You better believe it - caffeine has more benefits for your skin than you've been told.

Lately, coffee hasn’t had the best rep. We’re been told to switch out that afternoon Americano for a matcha latte to avoid weight gain, wavering blood sugar levels that lead to diabetes and indigestion. Java has also been known to stain teeth and cause sleeplessness depending on when we decide to have that last shot of espresso for energy. But it also has many benefits despite the hype, and what’s more, it has benefits for your skin. It sure as hell doesn’t taste or smell bad either.

Coffee grounds are an excellent exfoliant that promote cell turnover and healthy skin thanks to it’s properties of caffeic acid, an antioxidant, which boosts collagen levels and helps reduce the premature aging of cells. It also contains antimicrobial properties and polyphenols, which protect skin against germs and the sun, and it increases blood flow which reduces inflammation under the eyes and the appearance of cellulite, according to recent British medical journals.

So, in honour of National Coffee Day tomorrow try out some of our favourite caffeine infused beauty products:



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