20 Beauty Products that Prove Minimalist Packaging Is All You Need for a Dream Top Shelf

In a time when we strive for a clutter-free life (capsule wardrobes and organized desks à la Marie Kondo come to mind), it’s understandable that beauty products with minimalist packaging are the latest must-haves setting our Pinterest boards on fire. What’s not to love? Aside from making the best props for our beauty shelves and #InstaOfTheDay, they also help keep our minds at ease every time we walk into our bathrooms. Thanks to the clean, no-fuss designs, these products are our saviours to making our bathrooms appear put together.

They may keep it simple in terms of typeface and colour (many relatively stick to a black-and-white scheme), the after-effects are anything but. It’s clear that these beauty brands are not about enticing you with flashy graphics. As cheesy as it sounds, it’s what’s inside [the bottle] that matters.

From the Kardashian-approved Ouai to our new fave Herbivore Botanicals, we put together a list of beauty products that win at minimalist packaging every single time.

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