Beauty moments of the week: Rihanna for Dior, Lindsay’s adventures with Photoshop + more

beauty moments of the week rihanna dior
Photography by Bryan Bedder/Getty Images for Christian Dior
beauty moments of the week rihanna dior
Photography by Bryan Bedder/Getty Images for Christian Dior

A lot can happen in seven days. That’s why every Friday, we’re going to take time to look at three beauty moments we had feelings about that week, and discuss them accordingly.

1. Rihanna is the new face of Dior

Did you wake up this morning feeling filled with purpose? Did you throw open the windows and welcome a chorus of birds who flew in and braided your hair? Was the sun shining brighter? Because it should’ve been: Rihanna is the new face of Dior.

According to Vogue UK, the singer will star in the label’s Secret Garden campaign which will be shot by Steven Klein at Versailles, and released in the spring. She also joins Dior alum Jennifer Lawrence, Marion Cotillard, and Natalie Portman, who represent various elements of the Dior collection, effectively rounding out what would be the ultimate remake of Mean Girls. (Seriously: think about it.) (Also, I will play Glen Coco.)

And it’s about time. On top of news of her upcoming documentary and our patience for the album we’ve been waiting for since our parents conceived us, 2015 is shaping up to be a red-letter year for Rihanna. (Whose year will get even better when we become friends, I’m sure.) Girl is a next level singer, performer, and person, so when a major fashion house can recognize that, we all win — as people, as citizens of this earth.

Even Drake and his flyboard.

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2. Lindsay Lohan does not know how to use Photoshop

The jig is up, everybody: celebrities use Photoshop on Instagram. (Also: people with way too much time on their hands, but that’s a piece for another day.) And it turns out that Lindsay Lohan is now (allegedly) under that same umbrella, thanks to a photo this week that saw her Photoshop her thigh and take out the door in the process.

This isn’t the first time, either. In January, the actress came under heat for (allegedly) doing same thing, which saw what was described as a “backlash.” But here’s something a little controversial: who cares? Arguably, filtering photos is just as manipulative as Photoshopping them (I mean, who hasn’t used Valencia in a time of need?), so why bring the noise down on somebody who’s just utilizing an app? Maybe we should be a little more concerned about why we all feel the need to use Photoshop in general. Or maybe we should be concerned about the number of celebrities who keep using it even though they don’t know how. (Just stick to Valencia, guys—way less work.)

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3. Lady Gaga got sideburns

Alright, fine: they’re temporary, and nowhere as controversial as Ken Mattingly’s (which you will now think of every time you even hear “sideburns”), but they were present, and we all saw them. So let’s explore this.

At Balenciaga’s F/W show earlier this week, Mama Monster stepped out in relatively simple black dress and oversize brooch, opting for her natural hair over a wig, (which she also wore this week, too.) However, the Upper East Side vibe wasn’t as straight-laced as you’d imagine. Girlfriend took a page from the very fashion house she was supporting by wearing her hair the same way as Balenciaga’s models: a chignon with temporary sideburns.

Bless us everyone. So what does it mean? Well, despite abandoning her intense wig game for a more-relaxed one, Gaga is obviously still willing to take risks with her shorter, natural hair—as well as pick up and run with a runway trend before it even takes off. This is the experimental singer we all know and love. Just the more accessible version, since it’s not like she tattooed sideburns onto her face (yet).