Beauty moments of the week: The latest in leaked celebrity photos, the ultimate pop star makeunder + more

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A lot can happen in seven days. That’s why every Friday, we’re going to take time to look at three beauty moments we had feelings about that week, and discuss them accordingly.

1. Lady Gaga cut and dyed her hair (maybe!)
Reporting on Lady Gaga’s new hair is like reporting on Katy Perry’s new hair in that we are truly all just reporting on beautiful wigs, and congratulations to everybody (but especially to the wig industry). However, it’s a big week for Gaga: girlfriend got engaged, and to eclipse said news on an aesthetic front, she also cut and dyed her hair. Like, her actual hair.

Mama Monster debuted a short, dark bob via Instagram on Valentine’s Day (the day Tyler Kinney popped the question), and she loves it to the point of posting paparazzi shots of herself looking fly.

And who can blame her? For years, Lady Gaga has experimented with costumes, wigs, more wigs, and Kermit the Frog, and with seven years in the pop game, it’s about time for the 28-year-old to feel herself with a look she can just be in. (Especially since it’s one that suits her so well.) Call it maturity, or call it being a grown-ass woman ready for a power haircut, we’ve entered the new age of Gaga.

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2. Beyoncé was probably airbrushed and everybody cares
Not to get too “Inside baseball,” but Photoshop is a program that exists to make people look better and/or inhuman. However, “people” now apparently includes Beyoncé, after outtakes of her 2013 L’Oreal Paris commercial were posted online and revealed that pre-Photoshop, she looks like a human being. Which angered the masses.

After a fan site posted the allegedly unretouched images, the BeyHive raised hell, prompting the site to take down the photos and to offer the following defence: “We were just posting the photos to share the fact that our queen is naturally beautiful, at the same time she is just a regular woman.”

Which she is, is she not? Flawlessness is a state of mind (no one wants to see what 99% of us woke up like), so to assume Beyoncé is flawless in the literal sense undermines her boss “this is who I am” persona, anyway. After all, Beyoncé wasn’t built in a day (or so they claim), and if Photoshop had a small hand in said building, then why is that our business?

3. Every beauty mistake we’ve ever made will be cool in the fall
Think back to the worst beauty mistakes you’ve ever made. (Read mine to feel better about yourselves.) Now take solace in knowing that thanks to New York Fashion Week, you’ll not only re-live them come fall, you’ll be urged to do so. Seriously: clumpy mascara, smudged shadow, turned down liner, super-gelled hair — the gang’s all here.

Designer Nanette Lepore had makeup artist Grace Lee give her models clumpy, post-bar mascara (this time, called “Posh Rebel”). At rag & bone, Gucci Westman took eyeliner, flipped it, and reversed it (for a Fifth Element vibe), and Proenza Schouler’s show saw smudged shadow courtesy of Diane Kendal, who elected to make models look like warriors. And on the hair front: wet-looking, just-ran-out-of-the-shower styles were seen at Altuzarra and Alexander Wang.

See? Flashbacks. And while we obviously now have the hands, skills, and patience to execute these looks without looking the way we did in high school, there’s still something inherently rattling about returning to the makings of a Beauty Confessional. Then again, maybe it’s time for us to be the teens we want to see in the world.

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