Beauty moments of the week: The good, the lob and the WTF

Photography by Mireya Acierto

A lot can happen in seven days. That’s why every Friday, we’re going to take time to look at three beauty moments we had feelings about that week, and discuss them accordingly.

1. Uma Thurman’s makeup-free vibes

At the screening of The Slap this week, Uma Thurman wore minimal makeup on the red carpet, and the internet subsequently exploded. (Which of course means it outright claimed Uma had a new face.) “I look weird,” she told the Today show. “I guess nobody liked my makeup.”

Well we did, Ums. Umz? The thicker brows, the lack of liner, and the altogether-missing shadow looked fresh during this never-ending, godforsaken winter — especially with the bright red lip that makes the whole thing pop. Also, it’s just helpful to remember that she’s Uma Thurman and can do whatever she wants.

Photography by Kevin Mazur

2. Kim Kardashian’s haircut

In the most enthusiastic tweet of all time, Kim Kardashian made the riveting announcement, “I cut my hair short today.” Exciting! No, but really. Having lost no less than one thousand inches, she traded in her super-styled Kardashian locks for a tousled, bedhead-esque bob (okay, a lob; it’s a lob), which she officially debuted at the Grammys.

This was especially appropriate because with it, she wore a bejewelled Jean Paul Gaultier robe to the awards (#FancyPyjamas), then revealed three days afterwards that she hadn’t washed her hair since. No word on what North thinks of how she achieves her simple albeit sophisticated ‘dos.

Photography by Lester Cohen

Look, lord knows we’ve all watched The Sound of Music on repeat and toyed with adopting Gretl’s look. But there is a time (youth) and a place (usually alone, in one’s home) when it’s acceptable and celebrated.

Unfortunately, Iggy Azalea went for said braid crown at the Grammys, where not even her Armani Privé gown could eclipse a mental chorus of “So Long, Farewell.” And we’ll give her points for trying: a braided crown is certainly a statement. But if you’re going to channel sixties musical realness, at least take a page from Liesl — or more preferably, The Baroness.

And that’s this week in a nutshell. Meet us at the same time and in same place next week, where we’ll tackle everything from dye jobs to (hopefully) Harry Style’s French twist.

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