Beauty gadgets: Are they actually useful?

We’re always torn about silly products. Sure they’re fun to play around with, but they always seem like things the earth doesn’t need. Case in point: On the Cuff (, absorbent sponge cuffs designed to soak up water that runs down your arms while you wash your face.

Apparently, women have “suffered” “for years.” Really? What sort of torrents are happening in the world’s bathrooms? It must be enough of a problem to warrant a specialized product. We don’t think they’re worth the eight bucks USĀ  plus shipping, but if soaking wet shirts are a major issue for you, perhaps it’s a sound investment. Would you plunk down the cash for this, or just wash your face in a short-sleeved shirt?

And while we’re on the topic of beauty gadgets you probably don’t need, let’s talk about the HAI Elite heat styling glove. It’s designed to protect your hands while flat ironing your hair, which may be useful for a stylist who’s straigtening all day, but seems like overkill for the average person. What do you think? Are you always frying your hands while doing your hair or does this seem more worthy of a Michael Jackson tribute outfit?

Do you have a beauty gadget that seems silly but is really, really useful? Tell us in the comments!

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