Beauty Fix: 5 products that will add some much-needed colour and moisture into your winter regimen

When is it appropriate to start shifting into spring makeup colours?
The middle of winter seems as good as time as any to start moving forward with signs of spring, makeup shades included! When you’re ready to ditch your neutrals, reds or merlot-inspired shades, pick up MAC Viva Glam Miley Lipstick ($19, A brief refresher on the benevolence of MAC Viva Glam shades: every cent of the selling price of all MAC Viva Glam products goes to the MAC AIDS Fund, which helps women, men and children living with and affected by HIV/AIDS. So feel good about picking up this collaboration lip colour knowing it goes beyond how this hot pink shade will get you through the greyest of mornings in the homestretch of winter.

What’s the fastest way to moisturize my body?
Body moisturizing is a non-negotiable for most people in the winter, as skin can feel tight and uncomfortable without a heavy dose of lotion or body cream immediately following a shower. Save time and stash Nivea Smooth Replenishing In-Shower Body Lotion ($9, in the shower. The shea butter-based formula was created to absorb into wet skin, and it can be rinsed away immediately after applying. Skin is left hydrated and soft with no residue. No more standing around while you wait for your lotion to absorb before attempting to put on clothing (freshly hydrated limbs + jeans = an unwelcome challenge)!

How can I achieve a wash of colour on my cheeks that every runway model seems to possess?
You can try two options. First, you can give yourself a facial massage, incorporating a facial oil or moisturizer into the mix to make sure your hands have enough slip to keep your movements fluid (and to avoid dragging skin). Secondly, you can invest in Stila’s new Convertible Color Palette ($64,, which houses 12 (!) of Stila’s much-loved cream lip and cheek colours that are known for the semi-sheer washes of colour they impart skin with. Dab on with your fingers or a synthetic brush for a casual, effortless finish.

I’ve developed dry patches on my skin. What can I use to rehydrate these areas?
When facing dry, flaky skin, bring in the heavy artillery aka hyper-hydrating oils. A solid-to-liquid formula like Dr. Jart+ Ceramidin™ Oil Balm ($44, turns from a balm into an oil upon contact with skin, absorbing quickly into skin, forming a protective barrier on the surface to protect against further dehydration. Brazil nut and sweet almond oils moisturize and soften skin while sage oil soothes skin and reduces redness. Don’t fret about turning into a greasy mess if you use this oil balm on your face, as it contains bergamot oil to control excess sebum. Use this stuff anywhere you experience extreme dryness, from patches on your face to your cuticles to your elbows and knees.

I can’t stand really floral-smelling antiperspirant. What can I use that will smell unique?
Normally, an urge to go beyond the drugstore aisles would be required for a more individualistic antiperspirant scent, but that’s changed! Believe it or not, you should check out the new AXE White Label Dry Spray Antiperspirants ($8, The four scents are a far cry from what you’d usually recall when thinking of AXE; think of the White Label range as the grown-up counterpart to the teen-oriented original scents. The range is for men who may have turned to AXE in their adolescence, but they’ve matured and have developed their own tastes, so the fragrances reflect that elevated taste level. That being said, don’t pass this by in the drugstore aisle if you’re after unique scent and effective protection! Three different perfume noses created the scents, making them more legit than you ever thought possible. We recommend “Night,” a blend of lavender, cardamom and praline, created under the direction of Frank Voelkl of Firmenich Fragrances, the man responsible for countless fragrance blends over the years, such Le Labo Santal 33 and Marc Jacobs Daisy Delight.

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