Beauty fix: 5 travel-friendly products to toss in your carry-on

Beauty Fix travel beauty
Beauty Fix travel beauty

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I have bangs and need to style them every morning. Taking my usual flat iron away with me on vacation seems a bit excessive for such a small section of hair. Is there an alternative?
Whether you’re styling your bangs daily or touching up your hairline to battle frizz that may arise from humidity, a flat iron can prove to be utterly essential when traveling throughout the summer months or when venturing to a warmer climate. If carry-on luggage space is something you just cannot spare, consider taking a travel-size flat iron along. Amika Mighty Mini Ceramic Styler ($35, is a pint-sized version of your usual flat iron, scaled down and ready to toss into your bag with its own pouch. The travel tool (which is suitable for all hair types) features ceramic plates that increase shine and protect hair from damage.

I’m interested in taking my oil cleanser with me when I travel, but I’m worried about spills. What else can I use that would cleanse my skin as effectively as oil?
If you’ve tried and fallen for facial cleansing oil, you know it is a highly effective way of cleansing skin without disturbing your skin’s natural moisture barrier. Switching to a different cleansing method can make skin go a little crazy, as consistency is key, so finding a more solid version of an oil cleanser is vital in preventing leaks or spills in your luggage when you’re traveling. Ole Henriksen Pure Truth Melting Cleanser ($42, is dubbed a cleansing gelée thanks to its non-runny, jelly-like consistency and it melts down to an oil texture when massaged into skin as you would with cleansing oil. Vitamin C, rose hip oil, and virgin cherry oil will leave your skin comfortably clean, hydrated and brightened without any chance of mess.

What can I use on my skin to counteract the look of nights out when traveling?
Often, your travel plans include little to no siestas and you spend your nights out exploring your surroundings, so your skin is bound to start showing signs of sleep-deprivation sooner than later (even faster if you had a long flight to reach your destination). Try to be one step ahead of your sleepless nights by applying Filorga Sleep-Recover Anti-Fatigue Night Balm ($95, Murale) liberally to your skin when you do make it to bed. The formula contains horse chestnut extract, which acts as a decongestant for skin, as well as silk tree extract that promotes melatonin production to encourage sleep. Hyaluronic acid rounds out this balm, hydrating skin and plumping it up to help you put your best foot forward in the morning.

I’m used to shaving my legs frequently, so what’s the best way to travel with a razor?
As simple as it seems to toss a razor cartridge and handle in your travel bag, think about how it will be once you’ve actually used the razor. The cartridge will still be wet and may not have a chance to dry properly before you pack it up again, becoming a breeding ground for bacteria. Additionally, it’s not exactly ideal or safe to toss an open cartridge back into your luggage. Instead, grab the oh-so-cute Gillette Venus Snap ($16, at drugstores) for any and all travel endeavours. It includes a Gillette Venus cartridge (5 blades for a close shave!) and features an easy-to-grip handle and a very convenient travel case that is aerated so that your razor can dry fully, even if you use the razor, put it back in the case and throw it in your luggage right away.

Last time I travelled, my favourite contouring powder shattered. What can I take that will be travel-friendly?
It’s quite disheartening taking your favourite powder products with you when traveling only to arrive at your destination and find your products have broken into bits and pieces. When packing powder compacts, try placing a cotton round or square in the compact (trim it down to size if need be) to protect your makeup in transit. If that’s too much fuss, try taking a stick product to do the job your powder once did, like Sonia Kashuk Chic Defining Contour Stick ($11, Target Canada). This convenient and ultra-portable stick can simply be swiped onto skin below cheekbones and onto temples or down the sides of your nose and then blended out seamlessly for a contoured effect with minimal effort and no chance of product breakage.

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