Beauty Fix: Summer hair removal tips for sensitive skin, how to curl your lashes properly and more

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Beauty Fix

Every week our Beauty Fix columnist takes on your questions about makeup, skincare, hair and more. Have a beauty question we haven’t answered? Email us at [email protected].

How can I make sure my facial flush lasts when I’m poolside or beachside?
Making makeup last in heat is a challenge every summer. Making makeup last in situation involving heat and water definitely calls for heavy artillery. When water gets involved, definitely opt for more sweat- and water-resistant products, like Cargo Swimmables Blush in “Bali” ($29, This formula will stay in place come high humidity or splashes of water due to silicone-coated powder that adheres to skin better, which means you’ll look glowing and radiant. This soft pink shade in particular is very natural looking and provides such an effortless flush, making it a blush you’ll be reaching for all summer and well into the fall.

I can’t seem to get the hang of curling my lashes and always end up with a crimp rather than a curl. Any pointers?
As hard as it can be to slow down, taking your time when curling lashes can produce a much better result than rushing. Take the time to carefully align the curler with your lid at the base of your lashes before gently squeezing down for a curl. Ensuring you have a curler that fits your eye shape is also crucial. If the curvature of your eye doesn’t match with the shape of your curler, you will invariably end up with a crimp in your lashes at the inner and/or outer corners. If your eyes are less deep-set, more almond-shaped or large in size, try Bobbi Brown Gentle Curl Eyelash Curler ($29, The curvature of this curler will fit your eye better than the standard curler, and the pads of this curler are extra-cushiony, treating your lashes to a gentle, eye-opening curl instead of a 90-degree crimp.

Waxing or shaving my bikini area irritates my sensitive skin. What else can I do to remove hair from this PH area?
Everyone’s skin has different thresholds for different hair removal methods. If shaving or waxing isn’t your cup of tea, consider a depilatory. That term probably makes you recoil in fear from tales of awful smells and burning skin, but hear me out on this. Finding a gentle formulation is crucial if this is your hair removal method of choice, so keep an eye out for skin-friendly ingredients to soothe sensitive areas after the fact. Bliss Fuzz Off Bikini ($36, is specifically meant for use in the bikini area and is packed with shea and cocoa butter, as well as vitamin E to comfort skin, and thankfully has a fresh scent instead of a chemical stench.

My skin gets so red in the summer and it makes me feel self-conscious. What can I use to tone down the redness?
If your skin experiences major inflammation in the summer months, try to keep your cool. As we’ve come to realize, redness can often become worse when we’re self-conscious about it. Focus on treating the symptoms while reducing the appearance of redness. Redness can be caused by a number of things, and sun exposure is unfortunately on that list! Try Dermalogica Redness Relief SPF 20 ($62,, which contains sunscreen (to prevent further inflammation), as well as licorice, seabuck thorn, oat kernel and vitamin E to calm and soothe skin. As dictated by colour theory, the green tint of this lotion will effectively counteract skin redness, which ought to put any self-conscious feelings at ease this summer and beyond!

What sort of ingredients should I look for in an eye serum?
Serums can be interpreted as a booster for all other skincare you use, so ingredients that are anti-aging or reparative will complement the staple moisturizers you already reach for on a daily basis. Caffeine is a beneficial ingredient for the eye area because it can help increase circulation, de-puffing the area, ultimately reducing undereye shadows. Vitamin C is excellent in all skincare for its antioxidant properties that brighten and help prevent future damage. Philosophy Time In A Bottle For Eyes ($78, is an eye serum to try since it contains caffeine and vitamin C, as well as DNA repair enzymes that can fortify your skin’s ability to repair itself, which is optimal for fighting aging at its source.