Beauty fix: How to get the most out of your summer beauty products and make them last in the heat

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What’s a summer beauty product I can splurge on?
Treating yourself doesn’t have to mean splurging on something that serves little to no purpose. Instead, get major bang for your buck and buy something that can be used in multiple ways. Aerin Beach Cream ($50, can be used as a post-sun body hydrator, leaving behind a hint of bronze tint with incredibly subtle shimmer, or it can be applied to hair as a conditioning treatment while you’re still in the sun, as heat activates the treatment, leaving hair soft and shiny. If you’re in a pinch, a tiny dab can be used on cheekbones for a bit of radiance. The cream is infused with rose-based floral fragrance that will help you freshen up after a day in the sun.

I was in the sun too much a few days in a row, and my lips are dried out and burned. How can I revive them?
It’s no surprise that the sun dehydrates your skin, and your lips are no exception. People tend to forget to apply sun protection to their lips, so let this be a lesson to keep a lip balm equipped with SPF on you when out and about. Try applying a concentrated treatment such as Fresh Sugar Lip Serum Advanced Treatment ($41,, which contains glycerin, meadowfoam seed oil, avocado oil, sugar and Kigelia Africana fruit extract. What does that translate to for your lips? Soothing hydration and improved elasticity so that your lips bounce back from their severely sad state.

What kind of foundation should I use for a bit of light coverage?
If you’re looking for coverage that’s somewhere in between a tinted moisturizer and a medium-coverage foundation, steer clear of powder and opt for a lightweight fluid foundation. Liquids tend to blend in for a more seamless finish, as opposed to powder, which sits atop of skin and is easier to detect. Pick up a bottle of Maybelline Dream Wonder Fluid-Touch Foundation ($15, at drugstores), shake it up well and apply a few drops. You can blend out this weightless formula with fingertips or a brush, and coverage can be built up in order to conceal areas. The natural satin finish is flattering and flawless.

How do I make fragrance last in the heat?
If your usual fragrance seems to evaporate mere moments after you apply it, it’s time to step back and examine the concentration of fragrance you’re wearing. Eau de toilettes contain more alcohol, with eau de parfums containing less. Pure parfums contain the least amount of alcohol, making this formulation type last much longer on the skin. If you’re concerned that a parfum would overwhelm those around you, try a lighter fragrance blend, such as Chanel Les Exclusifs de Chanel Beige Extrait ($200, at select Chanel counters). The notes of frangipani, honey, hawthorne and freesia blend together for a lighter floral scent that will open up on the skin throughout the day with outstanding lasting power. Dab onto pulse points with the crystal stopper and you’re all set.

I walk around the city more when it’s so pleasant outside, but it’s exhausting my feet. What can I use to soothe them?
Who doesn’t love to pound the pavement when there’s sunshine and a bit of breeze? That being said, summer footwear isn’t always conducive to long strolls all over the city, so your feet may be extremely tired or achy after the fact. Do yourself a favour and stash L’Occitane Verbena Ice Gel for Legs and Feet ($24, in the fridge for a post-walkabout unwind. The gel contains cypress essential oil and marshmallow plant extract, which fight inflammation and swelling, and the rollerball applicator will soothe tired feet and legs. The fresh citrus scent of verbena is a mere bonus to this foot and leg lifesaver, leaving feet feeling refreshed.