Beauty Fix: What you need to nurse your skin and hair back to health after a brutal winter

beauty fix

I’m going to a sunny spot for vacation. Is there any way around reapplying sunscreen after taking a dip in the water?
A loophole to get out of reapplying would be grand, wouldn’t it? While science isn’t quite there yet, Shiseido has made leaps and bounds with its newest sunscreen formula, Wetforce Ultimate Sun Protection Cream Broad Spectrum SPF 50+ For Face ($48, This SPF is unlike anything else on the market because water actually improves this formula’s ability to protect your skin against sun damage. Negatively charged ions in the formula bond with positively charged ions in the water (such as calcium and magnesium deposits) to then spread the SPF over the skin’s surface, improving its efficacy. As awesome as the technology of this formula is because it will extend your sunscreen wear time, reapplying is still essential when it comes to sun safety so don’t forget to do it.

Am I supposed to exfoliate my eye area?
Not with anything physical, no! There’s a reason every scrubby, grainy exfoliator out there says to avoid the eye area and that’s because the skin in the eye area is extremely delicate and can be irritated or damaged by physical exfoliants. If you’re really hoping to increase cell turnover in this area, look for an eye cream that contains fruit and yeast extracts, such as philosophy Renewed Hope In A Jar Eye ($64, The enzymes in these extracts gently encourage cell renewal in the eye area, revealing fresh skin, which will ultimately diminish the appearance of dark circles and fine lines. This formula also contains algae extract to deflate puffy eyes.

Every time I buy a potted gel or cream liner, it dries out before I can even use it up. What are my alternatives?
You have a buffet of alternatives, including pencils and powders—the usual traditional formats of eyeliner—but we’re going to direct your attention to Tarte’s new Tarteist Clay Paint Liner ($29, The inspiration behind this squeeze tube format of eyeliner was a tube of paint, and the formula texture reflects that inspiration, since it’s between a gel and liquid consistency. The budge-proof formula stays put for 12 hours and it applies like a dream with the included angled bamboo liner brush. The opening of the tube features a “palette” area where you dispense exactly what you need from the tube and then coat the brush bristles with the liner from the palette. No more scrubbing liner off the back of your hand after perfecting your wings, and no more barely used pots of liner going to waste!

What’s a gentle way to exfoliate my skin? It feels so rough after this winter.
Skin can become particularly sensitive after extreme weather conditions that we have been enduring this winter, so it’s important to use a gentle product, but that doesn’t mean you won’t see major results. Apply Boscia Exfoliating Peel Gel ($42, on dry, makeup-free skin. After rubbing the gel into the skin, you’ll begin to see the exfoliation take place, and the dead skin will ball up when it’s time to rinse. The formula’s fruit alpha hydroxy acids will work to eradicate oil and bacteria while an exfoliating molecule clings to dead skin cells to lift them up and sweep them away for smoother, softer skin.

My hair is chronically dry this winter. What can I use to help it feel hydrated again?
If you can get away with it, wash your hair less frequently. The more you wash it, the drier it can get since frequent shampooing strips the hair of natural oils it loves. If that’s not an option, then try using a product to seal in moisture, like Pantene Expert Collection Dry Defy Velvet Crème Infusion ($10, This leave-in hair serum works to create a micro-seal to protect hair from environmental aggressors that drain hair of moisture, such as a month of Environment Canada extreme winter weather warnings. Hair is left soft and manageable, making this product a keeper year-round.