Beauty fix: 5 innovative products that’ll make you rethink bar soap, solid shampoo, self-tanner + more

I’m packing a carry-on bag for my next trip and don’t want to have too many liquids. What can I cut back on?
Packing a carry-on means every bit of space is considered precious real estate, but that doesn’t mean you need to compromise as much as you’d think. Deciding what you put in your 1-litre Ziploc bag means you can really do some editing. Leave behind your usual shampoo and pack a quite literally solid option, like Lush’s Honey I Washed My Hair Shampoo Bar ($10, This solid shampoo bar can be housed in a tin and tossed into luggage for leak-free travel. The formula is actually fantastic since it’s loaded with fair-trade honey to moisturize and soften hair without weighing it down. Each bar lasts roughly 80 uses, so you can either keep this on standby for all future trips or perch it on your shower’s ledge for your regular shower routine.

I have combination skin, so what should I use to cleanse my face?
Combination skin is fairly common and presents a challenge to accommodate the duality of your skin’s needs. Though the thought may scare you, give Drunk Elephant’s JuJu Bar ($35, a try. This is not your average bar soap, particularly because it’s virtually pH-balanced (pH of 6.34 to be precise), meaning it won’t strip your face of much-needed lipids. The formula contains detoxifying clay and exfoliating bamboo powder, as well as antioxidant-rich marula oil, meaning daily use of this cleanser will whisk away excess dirt, oil and debris resulting in smoother, clearer skin with continued use.

How can I get my curly hair to stop tangling in the shower? Conditioner isn’t cutting it anymore.
Conditioner or leave-in treatments used to be the best options for anyone who has grappled with the aggravation that is knotted curly hair. Leave it to ever-innovative Living Proof to introduce us to its new Curl Detangling Rinse ($32, This gel substance can be applied to hair while still in the shower and then rinsed out to activate the detangling properties and actually start the curl-forming process before you’ve even toweled off your body. Time-released conditioners provide residue-free curl definition while a polymer-emollient blend gives your hair curl memory (read: longer-lasting curls with more resilience than usual), all topped off with Living Proof’s anti-humidity frizz protection they’re already known for.

Does self-tanning automatically mean I’m committed to a mousse or liquid formula?
Once upon a time, this was a truth of sorts. Self-tanning formulas have traditionally been relegated to sprays, mousses, creams, lotions, wipes and fluids of all sorts, but that’s changed recently. Vita Liberata just introduced the first self-tanning mineral powder and brush duo—Trystal Self Tanning Bronzing And Kabuki Brush Duo ($68,—and it’s pretty foolproof. The minerals can be buffed into moisturized skin or over top of makeup for a warm glow that then develops into a subtle tan that lasts for up to 5 days. The low-key nature of this buildable mineral powder means you can use it several days in a row and you can even contour with it to have a lasting cosmetic effect even after you cleanse your skin. Bonus: it can also be used on your body for a controlled glow without any mess or DHA smell.

I have oily skin and need a full coverage foundation, but hate the heavy feeling of foundation on my skin. What can I use?
Unsurprisingly, full coverage makeup has come a long way, and we’ve seen several iterations of oil-based, highly pigmented foundations that have remarkable coverage with featherweight textures. If you’ve given these formulas a try and they still didn’t wear well on your skin, try NARS’ latest launch, All Day Luminous Weightless Foundation ($57, The formula is oil-free and very lightweight, and you only need a drop of this fluid for your entire face, meaning you’ll barely feel the foundation on your skin yet it will give full coverage without compromise. The natural satin finish of the foundation prevents skin from looking cakey or heavy.

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