Beauty Fix: 5 new products that can get you out of your fall makeup rut

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I want to swap out my summer scent for something cozier, but am in the market for something different than usual. Any suggestions?
Uniqueness is arguably one of the biggest criteria when selecting a fragrance. It’s a little easier to achieve when all scents smell very individual on each person due to personal body chemistry; distinctive notes help us the rest of the way. J.Crew’s first foray into fragrance was nothing short of extraordinary; get to a store post-haste to smell the two offerings. Arquiste for J.Crew No.31 ($92, J.Crew) is particularly fetching, with notes of Bulgarian rose, patchouli, red vermouth and oakmoss that come together to form a warm, feminine and avant-garde scent that’s sure to captivate your olfactory sense.

Dark nail colours aren’t really that appealing to me for fall. What sort of shades should I look for to still embrace the seasonal colours?
Just because you don’t live your life in merlot or maroon nail polish doesn’t mean you can’t embrace fall colours. Shades of fuchsia and berry colours are perfectly suited to fall without the aggressive or somber nature of darker, blackened shades. Deborah Lippmann’s new holiday collection has just the shade to reach for in the form of a magenta nail lacquer dubbed “Dear Mr. Fantasy” ($20, The colour is a magenta shot through with a micro-fine blue shimmer. The polish honestly looks like liquid silk when worn on the nails, glowing and radiant with light, making it an eye-catching shade for fall.

Do I have to spend a lot to get quality eyeshadow?
No way! There’s quality available at every price point these days, so it’s really about swatching products whenever possible, being open to a wide variety of brands, and using eyeshadow primer as a base on your lids to ensure whatever you use (high-end or not) has something to stick to for maximum colour payoff and long wear. Sephora Collection’s new VIP Pass Eyeshadow Palette ($12, is an absolute steal as far as neutral palettes go, and it’s extremely versatile, going from day to night with a mix of superbly pigmented matte and shimmer shades in a portable, pocket-sized palette.

How can I prevent my nails from developing those little white marks when wearing polish for a stretch of time?
Removing nail polish to discover tiny, white dehydration marks brought on by wearing polish that prohibits oxygen flow to the nail bed can be disheartening, causing you to wonder if you should take a break from nail polish for a while to let your nails breathe. If you’re the type of person who feels naked when your nails are bare, keep your nail beds in optimal health by using a breathable base coat like Julep’s new Oxygen Smoothing Base Coat ($22, under your polish. Not only does this base coat help oxygen permeate polished nails, but it also serves the standard purpose of preventing polish from staining your nails while providing a super-smooth surface that helps extend the wear of your nail polish.

How can I get my legs to relax after a long day in heels?
Stretching and massaging muscles is crucial to releasing tension that’s built up in legs after a day of teetering around in less than ideal footwear. Try L’Occitane’s latest Aromachologie Relaxing Massage Oil
($36, while kneading out aching calves. The sweet almond oil-based formula is full of rosemary and lavender extract, which will calm your body and mind, as well as other essential oils to promote major relaxation, all while moisturizing your skin to leave it supple and softened after the fact. This oil is bound to become an essential part of your post-high heel routine to help restore tired feet and legs.