Beauty Blunders: 10 common makeup mishaps and expert tips on how to fix them

Beauty Blunders
Photography by Peter Stigter
Beauty Blunders
Photography by Peter Stigter

Beauty blunders. We’ve all been there: You’re racing to get out the door with not a moment to spare and suddenly you’re faced with a makeup mishap. The last-minute manicure that seemed super necessary is now smudged. Your new earrings are already making your ears itch uncontrollably. Or perhaps you applied way too much conditioner and your hair has not an ounce of volume left. Even if you’re a woman with years of experience applying makeup, a beauty blunder can strike when you least expect it—and need a quick fix ASAP.

To help you get ahead of the game, we’ve put together a list of some of the most common beauty blunders and enlisted the help of beauty expert and on-air personality Bahar Niramwalla. Her quick fixes will help you get on with the rest of your day as fast as possible, so you can continue looking flawless.

Beauty Blunders
Photography by Peter Stigter

Bleeding Lipstick
Blunder: This season is all about dark red lipsticks but once the heavy colour bleeds into the skin around your mouth, you won’t want to partake.
Fix: Search your purse for a chapstick, says Bahar. She recommends “using it to draw an invisible barrier around your lips if you notice the red creeping out.” It will keep the colour from moving further out, while also providing an invisible fix.

Irritated Ear Piercings
Blunder: Even the prettiest chandelier earrings can’t cover up redness.
Fix: Take your earring out and soak them in rubbing alcohol. Meanwhile, put some alcohol on a cotton ball and rub the infected area. Give the post an extra wipe and put your earring back in.

Beauty Blunders
Photography by Peter Stigter

Smudged Nail Polish
Blunder: No matter how long you wait, a smudged nail after a fresh coat is inevitable.
Fix: Depending on how much time you have you can either use a bit of spit to smooth it over (seriously!) OR you can dip the offending nail in a bit of acetone-based polish remover. Wipe the smudged spot with a finger then paint the colour over it again, finishing with a top coat.

Pantyhose Run
Blunder: A tiny run can turn into a massive hole in minutes so don’t let it get that far.
Fix: If it’s still thin enough to get away with, slick a little bit of clear nail polish on the run. The hose will adhere together and while it obviously won’t fix the run, it will give you a little extra wear time. Let the polish dry before you get on with your day.

Beauty Blunders
Photography by Peter Stigter

Over-plucked Eyebrows
Blunder: Plucking a couple of hairs can turn into a lot of hairs, which can turn into a bald spot very easily.
Fix: “The easiest way to grow them back is to use a lash growth product!” says Bahar. Until it starts to work “fill them in with a coloured gel which adds volume and [helps the other hairs] hold shape to create a natural looking brow.”

Bumpy Bikini Line
Blunder: Your trip to Cuba came faster than expected and a quick shave has left you red and bumpy.
Fix: Apply a soothing salve to the angry area to calm it down and moisturize it. Make sure it has aloe, witch hazel or glycolic acid in it. Follow with hydrocortisone cream to decrease irritation and speed healing.

Beauty Blunders
Photography by Peter Stigter

Limp Hair
Blunder: You deep conditioned and now your hair has zero life to it.
Fix: Dissolve one teaspoon of table salt in a cup of warm water, pour it into a spray bottle and mist hair from roots to ends until it’s slightly damp. Blow-dry again to add back tons of volume right at the root.

Dried Out Lipstick
Blunder: Wearing lipstick for hours without a decent reapplication can render your lovely lips dry and cracked.
Fix: Bahar recommends exfoliating lips BEFORE applying the colour and layering a solid lip balm underneath. “Choose an ultra moisturizing lip colour with lasting effects for its rich texture and strong, deep colour pay off.”

Beauty Blunders
Photography by Peter Stigter

Streaky Tan
Blunder: Just because it’s cold outside doesn’t mean you can’t be golden…unless your tanning cream leaves you streaky.
Fix: A great, natural solution is Bahar’s DIY recipe for an exfoliating scrub that will slough the streaks away. “Grab sugar and lemon juice and create an exfoliating scrub that will eat away at the strained areas of your skin.”

Wrinkled Clothes
Blunder: Just as you have a foot out the door, you noticed that your skirt has wrinkled in the five minutes since you put it on.
Fix: If you have no time to iron or even steam your garment, quickly heat up your hair straightener at medium heat. Hold the wrinkled part of your outfit out while you run the straightener over it as you would a strand of hair.