10 Balms that Aren’t for Your Lips

Now that January is in full swing, we have settled in for the deep freeze that’s going to overstay its welcome at least until March. It’s at this time of year that I can count on my right thumb splitting right where the corner of the nail meets the skin. I’m talking a dehydrated chasm that is pretty much an open door for irritants. For this and similarly uncomfortable dry spots, I look to all purpose skin balms.

Thick and intensive, a little goes a long way on any area starving for moisture, be it cuticles, heels, elbows and even around your nose when a cold has eviscerated it from so much blowing. Often a mixture of super hydrating butters and oils, they’re also useful for shielding cheeks from vicious winds should you find yourself braving some truly horrific weather. While Weleda‘s Skin Food is a classic, some new ones from Indeed, Yes To, Soapwalla and True Organic of Sweden have crossed our desk that we look forward to melting into our skin. Below, the latest crop to save you this winter.

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