A Comprehensive List of All the Tattoos Ariana Grande and Pete Davidson Have Gotten Together


I have to confess a very unpopular opinion: I love matching couple tattoos. Even though legend has it that tattooing your partner’s name or face on your body is bad luck and signals the beginning of the end of the relationship (just ask Johnny Depp, Nick Cannon and Khloe Kardashian), it’s easy to see why people keep doing it. It’s an (often) impulsive, permanent and romantic grand gesture. What’s wrong with that?! Absolutely nothing, you hardened cynics.

And I know one couple who’d agree with me—like, very, very strongly agree: Ariana Grande and Pete Davidson. As a newfound Ariana Grande stan, I cannot stop tracking every new development of this relationship. The pair have allegedly only been together for a couple of months but are already engaged and living together and publicly declaring their love for one another all over Instagram. There are a lot of emojis involved and I’ve taken it upon myself to follow a handful of Pete and Ariana fan accounts to keep up with it all. I suggest you do the same.

But the $100,000 diamond ring, gorgeous NYC apartment and obsessive Instagram commenting aren’t the only things this couple (which the internet has unfortunately nicknamed “Grandson”) is doing to let us know they are capital L in Love. They’ve gotten exactly one million tattoos to prove it! Below is a list of them all—a list I can safely assume I’ll be adding to regularly, so see you back here next week!

Please note that I’m unable to refer to them in proper APA style below, as Grande and Davidson, because in my head, these people are my friends and therefore it sounds too formal.

Pete covers up his tattoo of ex-girlfriend, Cazzie David

Ariana gets a “Lumos” tattoo, one week before the couple makes their Harry Potter-themed IG debut

the chamber of secrets has been opened …

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Here’s where things speed up. Pete gets a bunny mask tattoo behind his ear and Ariana’s initials on his thumb

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We had a good night.

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Matching cloud tattoos!

The couple gets each other’s hometown area codes tattooed

Ariana and Pete get H2GKMO, which stands for Ariana’s favourite saying, “Honest to god, knock me out,” tattooed on their hands

Grandson (ugh) gets matching tattoos that say “REBORN”

Ariana gets an ‘8418’ tattoo, which was Pete’s dad’s firefighter number. Pete lost his father in the NYC attacks on 9/11

Ariana gets a tattoo of the word ‘always,’ which was (allegedly) written in Pete’s handwriting

Ariana gets “Pete” tattooed on her ring finger. Maybe. It’s hard to tell

Pete gets a tattoo of Ariana’s new pet piglet

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Thanks Pete ???

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That makes 11 tattoos between them so far. That’s 1.25 tattoos a week since they started dating. That we know of! Never change, Grandson.