Afternoon beauty fix: What’s up with ions in hair irons?

I’m looking to buy a hair straightener but feel overwhelmed with the choices available—as well as the high price points. Is there a reason why I should spend the extra money on a “ceramic” or “ionic” straightener?
Remember in science class when you learned that two positives make another positive? Well, in the case of straightening your hair with a hot iron, that equation is no longer true. The more costly irons—the “ionic ceramic” ones—use electric energy to scientifically alter your hair to a new pin-straight state. An ion is a charged molecule that has lost or gained electrons, resulting in a positive or negative electrical charge. Negative ions have a more positive effect on the health of your hair (making it stronger and straighter) than positive ions ever could. In other words, your iron needs to blanket your positively-charged strands in negative energy for it to successfully straighten tight curls. Irons with more ions, like the Black Onyx by H2PRO ($250,, are your best bet for unbent enlightenment.

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