Afternoon beauty fix: The trick to avoiding winter hat hair–while still staying warm!

How is it possible to keep a hairstyle in the winter when I’ve got to wear a hat? By the time I get to work my efforts have been squashed… literally!
Choosing between warmth and a hairstyle isn’t fair when you need both. If you like volume and regularly blow out your hair in the morning, do your best to ensure it is completely dry before tucking it under a toque. Even if your hair is only slightly damp, it’s vulnerable to flattening out and developing wrinkles that’ll stay all day. Consider upgrading your hairdryer to one with higher wattage for faster drying time—approximately 2,000w is salon standard and should dry your hair in a jiffy. A dryer with ion technology, like the K-Pak Quadraion Pro-Dryer ($200, in salons), will help to smooth and strengthen your hair as it dries because it blows hot air through a keratin-infused coil to keep the hair cuticle smooth and intact.

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