Afternoon beauty fix: She shoots, she scores! …She’s bruised?

Some people worry about concealing tattoos, but I’m more concerned with covering some post-workout bruises! How can an athletic girl like me still look civilized in a skirt?
For every girl who dives for the Frisbee or takes a tumble off her bike, the following two weeks are often met with a bunch of “what happened?!” inquisitions. But if a wound was a result of a successful soccer match, congratulations are in order—not sympathy! Just like those dark circles under your eyes, bruises are a collection of broken capillaries ruptured when you bump into a surface much harder than your skin. If you rough ‘n’ tumble regularly, consider taking a daily dose of Vitamin E and C supplements because the two work together to repair tissues and help defend against future bumps and bruises with a medley of strengthening antioxidants. However, for bruises that have already appeared, try applying Zax’s Original Bruise Cream ($19, at drugstores), which contains a natural medley of arnica, an anti-inflammatory, witch hazel and menthol to soothe and minimize the appearance of bruises.

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