Afternoon beauty fix: Oh, Halloween is THIS weekend? We’ve got you covered!

Halloween has snuck up on me and I’m still without a costume. Have any recommendations for a girl with no time to spare?
Thrift stores may be picked over, but beauty counters are still stocked full of vivid red lipstick, electric blue eyeliner, and sometimes-garish glittery eye shadow. Your costume options are endless when your face is the feature—Elizabeth Taylor, Dame Edna, David Bowie—any pop culture character with a penchant for makeup will do. Ransack your makeup bag for old colours you’ve kept around, and invest in a super-pigmented piece, like M.A.C Fall Colour Lipstick in “Neon Orange” ($18, to look costume-y on All Hallow’s Eve and cool after the clock strikes November and all the ghouls have gone home.

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