Afternoon beauty fix: How to make “in between” hair look good while you’re growing it out

I’m growing my hair out from a short bob and my mid-length is shapeless and tough to style. What can I do in the meantime to make my hair look acceptable?
When your hair is too short to conceal in a ponytail, and when shaping with scissors will only further deter your longer-length goal, your best bet is to be patient and work with what you’ve got. Use grown-out layers to your advantage with a product that adds volume at the roots and texture to the length, to turn your hair into what’s called a “neo-shag” (think Sienna Miller circa Factory Girl). Marc Anthony’s Instantly Thick Hair Thickening Cream ($10, at Shoppers Drug Mart and PharmaPrix) will amplify volume at your roots, and Phytokeratin proteins and Vitamin E will help keep your hair strong and shiny so it grows out healthily and, hopefully, quickly.

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