Afternoon beauty fix: Going beyond concealer to cure dark under eye circles

I have dark under eye circles that seem to be getting progressively worse. Why would that be? I’m pretty good at sleeping almost 8 hours every night.
I have two friends–a guy and a gal–who have expressed this concern to me, and both seek a long-term solution instead of applying the usual concealer quick-fix. The ailment itself may actually be more complicated than sleepless nights. I recently visited a naturopath and learned that excessive dark circles are a potential sign of a gluten intolerance in your digestive system. But at the same time, recovery from a bad cold, basic hereditary misfortune, or allergic reactions could also be to blame. I’m a fan of finding natural solutions for natural problems, so aside from suggesting you seek answers from your own naturopath, I’d recommend attending a yoga class regularly to detoxify your internal organs. You can also treat your eyes to an antioxidant feast with Yes to Blueberries Brightening eye roller ($22, at Shoppers Drug Mart). It’s a fruit salad of antioxidants that, when applied beneath your eyes daily, inhibits melanin production with a super-cute sounding extract, bearberry. Not only that, the ingredient horse chestnut will help stimulate blood circulation beneath your eyes to gradually rid them of darkness.

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