Afternoon beauty fix: Easy ways to soothe sore feet during holiday party season

Holiday party season is fun, but with so many work functions all week long, come Friday night my feet never want to see another pair of high heels again! What can I do to soothe my soles at home?
Oh, we understand your pain. While summer is the season of blisters, we tend to forget that winter can be just as hard on our feet, thanks to the squeeze of too-tight tights and pointy party shoes. One of our favourite tricks for getting through a full day of work and a full night of party in the same pair of shoes is to change up your insoles. By adding a bit of padding to the ball of your feet at 5 p.m., it will almost feel like you’re in a brand new pair. (The reverse—removing insoles—also works!) However, when you’re really ready to put your feet up on Friday night, relief is as simple as a soothing lotion and a pair of pedicure toe separators. Slather your feet in a lotion that will help cool them down. We like Elizabeth Grant Hand & Foot Cream ($20, because it includes the cooling powers of camphor—the same minty-smelling ingredient that’s used in Vicks products. While your feet absorb the lotion, throw on a pair of toe separators. This might seem out of place sans pedicure, but stretching out your toes will help realign your feet and help with the overall circulation—meaning you’ll be ready to go again by Saturday night.

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