Having Acne Could Mean You’ll Live Longer and Look Younger Than People With Clear Skin

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For years, we’ve known that people with oily skin will develop wrinkles later in life than those with dry skin. This is due to the fact that oily skin generally means thicker skin (not emotionally, unfortunately), meaning it’s more difficult for lines to develop. Having oily skin also means you’re less prone to dehydration and have more fat cells in your face. And you know who has plump, hydrated faces? Young people.

Now, while oily-skinned folks have always been less prone to wrinkles, they’re more prone to, what else, acne. Having a constant supply of oil on your face is a perfect recipe for pizza face. You can’t have your wrinkle-free face and eat it, too (or something). However, scientists have recently discovered another silver lining to problematic skin—people with chronic acne issues generally live longer than those without.

According to VICE, “a study of white blood cells taken from affected individuals showed they had longer protective caps on the ends of their chromosomes. These caps—called telomeres—are basically the chromosome equivalent of those plastic bits that stop shoelaces from getting frayed. The research shows that acne sufferers have significantly longer telomeres and therefore may be blessed with the gift of longer life.”

Blessed, indeed.

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