A health kick start

Sometimes, you feel the need to ask someone (well-informed and professional with a lovely bedside manner) to, as my hilarious friend Hannah says: “just figure me out.” May we suggest the naturopaths at Toronto’s new Wellpath Clinic (170 Bloor St. W., 416-972-0770, wellpathclinic.com)? The airy 11th-floor offices at Bloor and Avenue (there’s a second location in Muskoka for health-conscious cottagers or locals) are outfitted with oak flooring and sleek fixtures more commonly seen at a ritzy spa, but the focus is on holistic treatment exclusively from naturopaths, with warm and helpful service.

For your first two assessment/treatment planning appointments, you will provide more information about yourself than you thought possible—including a 13-page questionnaire, a physical exam, and your latest blood work results from your GP, which the clinic will request for you. Expect personalized and targeted advice on nutrition, lifestyle and therapeutic supplements—all in accordance with how much change you are willing or able to make. Although every patient is treated as an individual, the clinic offers comprehensive treatment programs to target common concerns like stress, cold and flu prevention (especially pertinent this season), skin health and insomnia.

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