5 tricks from Lily Collins’ TIFF red carpet look that will totally change the way you apply makeup

Lily Collins Toronto TIFF 2012 Red Carpet Hair Makeup
Lily Collins Toronto TIFF 2012 Red Carpet Hair Makeup

With bright hazel eyes and possibly the best eyebrows since Brooke Shields, it’s pretty much impossible for Lily Collins to not look stunning. While in Toronto this month for the TIFF premiere of Writers she walked the red carpet in an extremely elaborate Balmain dress—but it was her the simplicity of her glowing skin and dramatic lashes that held the look together. “I told Lily that I think this [red carpet] was a dress moment more than a hair and makeup moment [but we] still wanted to make her skin and her eyelashes a star,” explained celebrity makeup artist Beau Nelson. To do so, he used a full range of Victoria’s Secret VS Pro makeup products—but the real beauty was all in the application. Here are five tricks that will change the way you apply makeup:

Don’t overload on the foundation: After prepping the skin with VS Pro Airbrush FX Illuminating Primer, Beau Nelson applied tinted moisturizer with a brush just to the areas that needed it. VS Pro Camouflage FX Universal Concealer was also dotted in specific areas—just under her eyes and around the nose to cover any redness.

Do illuminate you skin: For a red carpet-worthy glow, Beau Nelson applied VS Pro Radiant FX Face Illuminator to the top of Lily Collins’ cheeks, at her inner eye and along her cupid’s bow—which is something of a signature makeup move for him: “Every time I work with Lily she laughs and says it’s such a Beau thing.”

Use both your hands to apply blush: For Lily Collins’ TIFF look Beau Nelson actually used VS Makeup Color Drama Lipstick in “Heartbeat”on her cheeks—though his application method would work for any cream blush. After applying the product directly to one index finger he rubbed it into the index finger on his other hand. This allowed him to apply the blush to both cheeks at the same time: “You don’t have to worry about more product getting on one side, this way you get the same amount onto each cheek,” he explained of the genius move. (Just try to put on blush tomorrow morning without trying this, we dare you!)

You don’t always need eyeshadow: With “dramatic lashes” as the goal Beau Nelson left Lily Collins’ eyelid almost bare—save for a touch of foundation and the Face Illuminator, as well as “a little bit of eyeliner leftover from earlier in the day that was still between her eyelashes.”

Focus on the root when you apply mascara: A few flare lashes were added for volume, followed by a couple coats of VS Makeup Volume Lift mascara. But here’s the real game changer: Beau Nelson recommends applying mascara only at the roots of your lashes. “I barely ever let the brush go completely through the top. I like to make [eyelashes] look feathery, so I keep product off the tips to avoid the clumps. You want the hairs to look pointy at the ends.”