FASHION Magazine’s 2017 Beauty Awards

FASHION Magazine’s Beauty Awards has undergone a serious makeover.

This year, FASHION Magazine is tapping into the expertise of 20 Canadian beauty professionals to judge the most outstanding products in the beauty industry. From makeup artists and manicurists to editors and estheticians, this year’s jury members will select the most impressive products in the Canadian market. Also joining the all-star panel, four FASHION Magazine readers (and avid beauty lovers) that have been selected to also weigh in on the best of the best in Canadian beauty.

We have divided the awards into 5 beauty categories: FACE, COSMETICS, BODY, HAIRCARE, and FRAGRANCE — and will be awarding a 2017 New Marketplace Innovation Award in each category for the best in technology and innovation.

All beauty brands are invited to register their brand and products for consideration in this year’s Beauty Awards on

Submission deadline: October 6th, 2017

Please note that in order to participate, we will require the following:

  • 15 full sized samples of each product submitted
  • A submission fee of $100 CAD per product entry
  • A photo of the product (to be uploaded) and logo


Streamlined into five main categories (body, cosmetics, face, fragrance and hair care), FASHION’s Beauty Awards are further subdivided by price point to differentiate splurge-worthy luxury products from drugstore steals.


  •      Cleanser
  •      Moisturizer
  •      Eye Cream
  •      Oil
  •      Mask
  •      Serum
  •      Acne Product
  •      Exfoliator
  •      Makeup Remover
  •      Lip Balm
  •      2017 New Marketplace Innovation


  •      Lip Gloss
  •      Foundation
  •      Blush
  •      Bronzer
  •      Highlighter
  •      Mascara
  •      Eyeshadow
  •      Lipstick
  •      Eyeliner
  •      Brow Filler
  •      Contour Product
  •      Nail Polish
  •      2017 New Marketplace Innovation


  •      Sunscreen
  •      Self Tanner
  •      Teeth Whitener
  •      Body Wash
  •      Body Scrub
  •      Hand Cream
  •      2017 New Marketplace Innovation


  •      Shampoo
  •      Hair Conditioner
  •      Hair Tool
  •      Styling Product
  •      Hair Colour
  •      Dry Shampoo
  •      2017 New Marketplace Innovation


  •      Men’s Fragrance
  •      Women’s Fragrance
  •      Body Spray/Oil
  •      2017 New Marketplace Innovation


Logo Usage: Winners of FASHION’s 16th Annual Beauty Awards will receive the FASHION winner’s seal and will be allowed to use the official seal on their in-store promotional material, websites and social media accounts for a one year period.

Web: The winning products will be announced and featured online at in January of 2018.

Social Media: The winners of FASHION’s Beauty Awards will be promoted on FASHION’s social media platforms (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram) reaching our social media audience of 2.6 million.

Public Relations: A PR campaign will be built to promote FASHION’s 2017 Beauty Award winners.

Cross-promotion: FASHION Beauty Award winners will be cross-promoted on other St. Joseph Media brands including Weddingbells, Mariage Québec and Toronto Life.