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Photography via Instagram/starbuckscanada

Please Stop Ordering Unicorn Frappuccinos for the Sake of Your Local Barista

And, you know, your health.

ICYMI, Starbucks released its viral Unicorn Frappuccino on April 19, causing the world (and unicorn-lovers everywhere) to go wild. But it seems like it’s making the coffee giant’s baristas also go crazy, for a totally different reason. Just ask Braden Burson.

The Colorado-based Starbucks barista posted a (now-deleted) video on Twitter Wednesday, which sees him venting his frustrations over the sugary drink.

“PLEASE DON’T GET IT!” he screams, exasperated. “I have never made so many Frappuccinos. My hands are completely sticky, I have unicorn crap all in my hair and in my nose, and I have never been so stressed out in my entire life.”

“If you love us as baristas, don’t order it,” he pleads. “It’s so difficult to make one right after the other.”

So what exactly makes the Instagrammable drink so difficult to make? Well, there are a lot more steps involved than with a usual frapp. It starts off with the regular Crème Frappuccino base, with added mango syrup and pink powder. Then, baristas must add the sour blue syrup, before topping off the beverage with whipped cream, sour pink powder and sour blue powder. (Side note: we watched a barista make it at a local Starbucks, and he, too, seemed stressed out/annoyed by the order.)

Photography courtesy of Starbucks

And like we said, several baristas are crying unicorn tears because of this beverage.

In case these poor baristas tweets aren’t enough to convince you to stay away from the Unicorn Frapp, consider this: a grande size of the drink contains a whopping 59 grams of sugar, while a venti has 76 grams, both of which are well over the World Health Organization’s recommended 26 grams of daily added sugar. As for calories, well, it’s just as bad, with a grande coming in at 410 and a venti at 500 (when whole milk is used), which essentially counts as a quarter of the average recommended daily calorie intake.

All we have to say is good thing it’s only available until April 23.

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