Photograph by Natalie Ho,

How to Impress Brunch Guests Instantly (and SO Easily)

When summertime rolls around, we pretty much hook ourselves up to an IV drip of iced coffee. So what’s a girl to do when she has her friends over for an impromptu brunch, when cups of hot cafe just won’t cut it? Instead of spending a fortune on takeout coffees, you can try Nespresso’s iced coffee capsules, which take the guesswork out of getting the perfectly brewed cup (not too watered down from melted ice).

Because summer is about indulging in pretty and tasty things, we went one step further than a classic milk-and-sugar serving. We tapped lifestyle/DIY blogger Natalie Ho, of My little Secrets, to create three brunch-centric coffee concoctions that will not only impress guests but also taste delicious alongside any of your fave breakfast-y fare—from pancakes to pastries and even eggs bennys.

The one problem you might run into? A killer caffeine buzz, because who can have just one?!

Photograph by Natalie Ho,

Coffee Granita with Coconut Whip

Capsules of Nespresso Leggero or Intenso On Ice (to produce approximately 2 cups coffee)
1/2 cup of sugar
Coconut whip or yogurt (optional)

How to:
1. Brew coffee in a freezer-safe container.
2. Dissolve sugar into coffee while stirring and set aside to cool.
3. Put mixture into freezer for about 3 hours.
4. Take coffee mixture out and break the ice apart with a fork. This will start to form crushed ice crystals.
5. Put back into the freezer and repeat the step above every 15 minutes until the entire mixture has been broken apart.
6. Serve in glass containers and garnish with a dollop of coconut whip or yogurt.

Photograph by Natalie Ho,

Iced Peach & Basil Coffee

Capsules of Nespresso Leggero or Intenso On Ice
Fresh peaches, sliced
Sprigs of fresh basil
Agave or simple syrup
Large ice cubes

How to:
1. Brew two capsules of coffee per glass over large ice cubes in a shaker.
2. Add fresh sliced peaches and fresh sprigs of basil and give it a good shake.
3. Pour over ice.
4. Sweetened as desired with agave or simple syrup.
5. Add more sliced peaches and basil as garnish.

Photograph by Natalie Ho,

On Ice Maple Coffee

Capsules of Nespresso Leggero or Intenso on Ice
High-grade maple syrup
Milk of your choice
Large ice Cubes

How to:
1. Bring milk to boil and add maple syrup and bring to simmer (about 10 minutes).
2. Brew coffee over ice.
3. Add maple syrup infused milk to coffee.