life after birth
Photograph courtesy of Life After Birth Project/Domino Kirke

Knix Brings Acclaimed ‘Life After Birth Project’ Photo Exhibition to Toronto

The powerful exhibit aims to change the conversation around postpartum bodies and expectations.

Toronto-born underwear brand, Knix, is bringing its globally acclaimed photo exhibition, Life After Birth Project, to Toronto this month.

The exhibition made its debut in New York last month, garnering an impressive 220 million media impressions and praise from around the world for its realistic depiction of what (as its name suggests) life after birth actually looks like.

Its launch in Toronto marks the exhibition’s first stop in Canada, with others to be announced in the following months.

The exhibition was the brainchild of Knix founder Joanna Griffiths, who became fed up with the lifestyle images she was being bombarded with on Instagram whilst simultaneously breastfeeding her new child and adapting to life as a new mother. The purpose of the exhibition is to help change the conversation around “the fourth trimester” – the months immediately following birth – and women’s postpartum bodies and experiences.

After surveying its customers, Knix found that more than 56% of women experienced postpartum depression and that 76% of women felt pressure to “bounce back” after giving birth. Furthermore, 90% of women said they received comments on their bodies post birth.

The exhibition is made up of imagery from social media users (from Toronto and beyond), as well as from birth photographer and doula Heather White and friends of Knix and Carriage House Birth (with whom the brand has partnered for the display). It also includes submissions from the likes of Amy Schumer, Christy Turlington Burns and Canadian TV personality Jillian Harris.

Life After Birth Project will open in Toronto on September 18 at 630 Queen Street West, and will be on display until September 26. Proceeds from the entry fee will donated to CAMH to help with the treatment of postpartum depression.