Photography courtesy of Lululemon

This is the Only Running Bra You’ll Ever Need to Own

Get ready to neglect your collection of sports bras, because I just discovered my all-time favourite. (And that’s saying a lot coming from a former competitive figure skater.)

Now, before you brush this off as just another sports bra launch, hear me out. I had the pleasure of test-driving the Lululemon’s latest innovation, the Enlite Bra, in New York City, and let’s just say it was worth the overnight trip. While I certainly had my doubts about how comfortable I actually would be (normally sports bras suffocate my B-cups and straps dig into my traps), after my workout with fitness coach Geneva Simms, I was convinced that this is the only sports bra I’ll ever need—whether I’m jogging or doing a HIIT class.

After learning that most women feel they have to compromise on comfort, performance or aesthetics when selecting a running bra, Lululemon’s Whitespace team (a section of its R&D department) came up with a solution.

“Our goal with the Enlite Bra was to create a product that could embrace movement by eliminating the elements of movement that cause discomfort,” explains  Alexandra Plante, Lululemon Whitespace Innovation Product Manager. “In developing the Enlite Bra, we challenged the traditional belief that reducing breast movement is what provides women comfort and high performance. Instead, it manages harmonious movement across the whole body, providing a freeing sensation, superior comfort and no distractions.” So you won’t feel like your breasts are on lockdown but you won’t notice the jiggle, too.

Photography courtesy of Lululemon

Just like shopping for your bras, the Enlite follows an alphanumeric system (from 32B to 38DD), so customers can find the ideal fit. Don’t worry, though: There’s an online guide at Lululemon and helpful staff in store in case you can’t decide what your best fit is.

Photography courtesy of Lululemon

Whether or not Enlite bra is right for you, if you’re like me and a sports bra is one of the reasons hindering your optimal workout, be sure to try on different fits so you can find one for your particular needs. If there’s one thing I learned from my experience is that you don’t have to sacrifice comfort for design when it comes to working out. You really can have best of both worlds.

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