Here’s Meghan Markle’s 45-Minute Trick to Staying Fit

Meghan Markle is a month away from walking down the aisle. Wedding days are huge for any bride, but for this Suits actress, the highly anticipated celebration will literally be seen by the entire world. The pressure to look perfect can be overwhelming, and when you’re getting married on the grounds of a castle with Elton John looking on, stress can definitely start to manifest.

But Markle has long considered exercise to be the key to maintaining her zen. She’s even compared running to meditation. So with the wedding of the year right around the corner, what is the bride-to-be likely doing to maintain her physique, not to mention sanity? A recent article from Women’s Health revealed a 45-minute workout routine that Markle has sworn by for the past three years, and chances are it’s what the future Duchess is using now to keep her cool before the wedding.

While in Toronto—where the former actress was busy filming her television show—Markle worked out with personal trainer Craig McNamee. McNamee founded Catalyst Health in Toronto with a focus on getting his clients to unlock their full potential and he spoke to Women’s Health recently about the fitness routine he created for especially for Markle.

“Generally speaking, we had a full-body approach,” he told them. “And since Meghan was onscreen, we really focused on posture.” This involved posterior chain exercises that worked the glutes, back and hamstrings, as well as core work that helped to engage the abs, back, obliques and pelvic floor. Perhaps we’ve seen The Princess Diaries too many times, but perfect posture definitely seems like a great quality for a soon-to-be member of the royal family.

McNamee created high-rep, low-weight circuits for Markle, meeting with her three or four times a week for quick—but intense—45-minute sessions.

These classes usually consisted of a five-minute cardio warmup, five minutes of dynamic stretching, one of McNamee’s intense circuits, followed by a five-minute cool down to stretch out the muscles. He shared two sample circuits with Women’s Health.

One circuit began with 20 reps of rear-foot elevated split squats while pressing dumbbells overhead. This move was followed by single-leg kettlebell deadlifts (15 on each side) and plyo step ups using a bench (another 15 per leg). 15 TRX tricep extensions were next and the circuit finished with 15 hanging ab raises.

Markle might not be able to lug dumbbells and kettlebells around with her on her many travels, but McNamee mentioned she was also a fan of using a small resistance band, which is portable enough to bring along on any upcoming trips — we’re sure there’s plenty in store!

McNamee also stressed the importance of variety in Markle’s workouts. She didn’t want anything too repetitive, which is not surprising given the number of different exercise styles she’s engaged in over the years. From hip-hop yoga, to pilates, to running, Markle has always put her health at the forefront of her lifestyle.

It seems she’s gotten her future husband to do the same. Vanity Fair reported that upon moving in together, Markle replaced all the junk food in the cupboards with fresh vegetables, and Prince Harry is back in the gym, looking better than ever. He’s even ditched his old habit of having a casual smoke.

So, Markle isn’t exactly shedding weight for the wedding, and nor does she need to. Being health-conscious—physically and mentally—is just a crucial part of her life.

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