Train like an Angel: Canadian supermodel Grace Mahary gives us the lowdown on her workout routine

Grace Mahary Workout
Grace Mahary Workout

Canadian supermodel Grace Mahary is no stranger to the fitness grind, as evidenced by the toned body and killer legs she flaunted on the 2014 Victoria’s Secret runway this past November in London. Born and raised in Edmonton, Alberta, 25-year-old Mahary played basketball as a teen, but traded in her sneaks for heels when she began her modeling career. Nowadays, if you take one look at her Instagram, it’s clear that fitness is still a priority for her, with snaps of her lunging, bending and generally kicking ass at various yoga, pilates and dance studios around New York City.

With January coming to a close and perhaps our commitment to our now month-old fitness resolutions wavering, we thought it might be helpful if Mahary shared a few tips on what she does to stay in such great shape and possibly motivate us to do the same. Mahary, who is currently stomping the Paris runways for the Couture Spring 2015 shows, breaks it down for us on how to really keep fit like a supe.

How do you keep fit? What are you favourite workouts?
I love to do pilates, yoga and spin.

Do you have a can’t miss class/instructor in New York?
Yes! I love Melissa’s class at SLTNYC.

What’s the next workout you’re dying to try? 
This early morning yoga-dance party called Daybreaker in Brooklyn! They do a yoga session followed by a dance party all before 9:00 AM.

When you’re home in Edmonton, what do you do to stay in shape?
I usually find a yoga studio to fully relax and enjoy my time off.

How do you keep fit on the road/hotel room? 
I do mini home workouts that don’t require equipment, combinations of exercises like burpees, squats and planks.

You have killer workout style. What are your must-have workout pieces?
I do? I just throw on what feels good. I love all of my Victoria’s Secret gear and my Nike training shoes.

What is your go-to healthy snack before or after your workout?
Post-morning workout I love having a smoothie with a protein powder.

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Grace Mahary Workout

What’s on your workout playlist?
A random mix of artists like Major Lazer, Kanye, Drake, Santigold and Flume.

What was your workout schedule like when you were training for the Victoria’s Secret show?
For the show I worked out five to six times a week, sometimes twice a day. My schedule now is more relaxed. I still enjoy morning workouts at least four times a week, and love trying new classes.

Do you have a fitness idol?
I really respect how hard some of the Victoria Secret’s Angels train. They’re year round examples of how fitness is a lifestyle.

Does fitness provide you with anything else beyond maintaining your physique?
My fitness is primary for my mental and emotional state. I always feel so much better after a workout, and can think more clearly, am sharper, and am more focused.

As January comes to a close, can you give our readers some tips on how to keep up with their fitness resolutions? 
As I’m sure they’ve read or heard before, fitness is a lifestyle. My best advice would be to avoid the latest fad diet or juice fast and truly take some time to make realistic healthy goals.

For example, pick one thing you would like to add or eliminate in your diet, execute for two weeks, then pick an additional change and continue. This way you can build towards a healthier lifestyle.

Meal prep, cheat days, and changing up your workouts are also key. Try new exercises! Make it interesting for yourself. If you’re excited about working out, it makes it easier to stay motivated and make it to your gym/studio or place of physical activity.

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