Wristband policy in effect at H&M tomorrow

Attention, rock dwellers! The Jimmy Choo for H&M collection begins its brief stay in stores tomorrow. You know the drill by now: show up early with Lärabars for energy and elbow pads for protection. H&M is making an attempt to control the chaos this time around by instituting a wristband policy befitting a rock star (or rock star designer). Here are the rules:

1. Hard to state this enough: Get there early if you hold out any hope of scoring anything. The first 160 people in line get a wristband that will let you have first crack at the special area with the shoes, bags and accessories when the doors open.
2. If you’re number 161 and up, you’ll have access to the rest of the collection when the store opens (depending on your place in line, of course), but will have to wait about two hours before you’ll have access to the above items.
3. You’re only allowed to buy one of each item–no getting two different sizes and returning the one that doesn’t fit.

The collection will be available, probably for mere moments, at the following locations: Pacific Centre Vancouver, Toronto Eaton Centre, Toronto Bloor Street and Downtown Montreal. Good luck!

Click on the images below to peruse some of the collection. Tell us: Will you be lining up tomorrow? What’s your must have piece?

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