How Women Are Getting In On Sneaker Culture

Chanel Trainers

One time I was almost turned away from an event because I was wearing sneakers. Luckily they were cute, and the new Rihanna Puma Fenty’s (that cost me nearly $300) so I was able to persuade the security guard to let me in. But that incident made me wonder if women are being profiled for their footwear? Do some people think sneakers are just too casual or dressed down for a lady. I mean I love to wear heels but I have that same love for sneakers.

The blog She.lace must be thinking the same thing as me because the wo”man” (as they put it) behind it feel that sneakers can be worn anywhere, anytime. She.lace wants to empower women to wear sneakers comfortably in their daily lives and prove that sneaker culture isn’t just for men but can be a symbol of equality, feminism and art.

“Sneakers, arguably, are traditionally associated with men and masculinity,” say She.lace founders Jamila Husbands, Kiah Welsh and Travis Pereira by email.

“Nowadays we’re seeing increasing numbers of fantastic women not only wearing sneakers in any setting, but making meaningful contributions to the growth and direction of sneaker culture. To us, this is empowering because it is defying “gender” lines and carving out space for women in a sphere that has been restrictive for a very long time.”


As sneaker culture continues to grow Youtube series like Complex’s Shoe Shopping have started inviting lady celebrity like Blac Chyna and Kaerruche Tran on to share their sneaker knowledge with the world.

Besides with design house like Gucci and Chanel producing trainers that retail in the thousands of the dollars, how can women not wear them to special occasions?

Here are our picks for sneakers that can make any women look stylish on any occasion.

Vans Old Skool


You’ll see these all over town, so if you don’t own a pair you are missing out. They go with everything.

Nike Classic Cortez

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This vintage sneaker is coming back strong thanks to babes like Bella Hadid.

Nike Air Force One’s

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Everyone needs a pair of all-white sneakers in their closet. This classic Nike will never go out of style.

Air Jordan 1’s

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The go-to shoe if you’re not into the sportiness of a Jordan. This retro look works with a number of outfit combinations while proving the sexes can wear the same style of shoe.

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