Winnipeg: Q&A with designer Lara Vincent

I should really have titled my blog: Proof that good things come out of Winnipeg.

My recent interview with former Winnipegger, Lara Vincent can attest to that. While she didn’t end up staying in the city, she did move on to explore the world and spread the gifts of her creativity.
Now based in New York, Vincent has launched an eponymous headdress label.

She graduated from Ryerson University’s fashion design program in Toronto, studied millinery at Central Saint Martins, London College of Fashion in England and George Brown College in Toronto. She has since worked as a fashion design intern at Betsey Johnson and as fashion design assistant to Samantha Pleet.

Can you explain your headpieces for me:

I make headdresses for every goldfish in the sea of banality who is ready to be platinum and maybe diamond-encrusted.

Where did you draw your inspiration for them, or what brought the idea about?

I think it all comes back to when I was younger and went to all-girls private school where I had to wear a uniform. It challenged me in many ways: I wanted to be unique but it was limiting, so I found other ways to express myself. I still find I am falling into a routine of mini-dresses and cardigans everyday and just changing up my headdress.

Why do you think people will like them?

There is something for everyone. They are all custom-made to order. I can make something discreet or frivolous.

How much time does it take to craft one? And how are they made?

A floral, silk and leather headdress that is a full circle takes me about 8 to 12 hours. A clip or a smaller piece could take only two hours, while a hat could take a few days. I choose only the finest of fabrics and I put a lot of love into the construction, which is done by hand.

If anyone is interested in buying one of Lara’s pieces, visit:

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