Winnipeg: Love at its finest

All you need is love, love. Love is all you need…

The Beatles may have put it best, but who wouldn’t want love wrapped around her pinkie? And seeing as I am a lover, what better way to make it known than spelling it out in gold on my little finger.

When I spotted this fabulously loud ring ($10) at Village Antique Mall (197 Osborne St., 204-287-2278)—sitting comfortably on a pillow behind a pane of glass, screaming, “I was made for you!”—my heart skipped a beat. I nearly stumbled when I went to grab it from other potential buyers.

Huge, gaudy rings are a staple for almost all my outfits, and while I have enough to adorn all my fingers, this was a welcome addition to my always-growing collection.

The ring is an imitation of pop artist Robert Indiana’s LOVE motif, which debuted in the 1960s. Originally seen on Christmas cards, it has since been replicated on postage stamps and countless sculptures across the world. Thanks to Indiana’s genius, my little finger has never looked so good.

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