Winnipeg: Idle hands

I have three weeks off work, it’s been minus 36 degrees outside for much too long and the view from my bedroom window is obstructed with ice crystals. Cabin fever has officially taken hold and the other day I found myself standing in front of my closet with a pair of scissors.

I was eyeing up old, washed white jeans that I had accidentally ripped because, to be totally honest, my butt got bigger. I decided a good shredding would bring them back into rotation. The experiment could have gone one of two ways, but seeing as my idle hands wouldn’t let go of the scissors or the jeans, I had no choice. Thankfully, the outcome was beyond my expectations and actually made for a pair of “very hot rocker chick” pants.

It was American Apparel (108 Osborne St., 204-284-9273, slacks that I had my way with. I cut small slits down the side seam, which I then cut and ripped across to the opposite side. It took approximately an hour of my time. It’s a shame bare skin freezes in minutes otherwise I could wear these bad boys out for a night on the town. Summer come quickly!

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