What’s in your bag, Dragonette’s Martina Sorbara?

Photography by David Pike

When Dragonette’s Martina Sorbara isn’t touring the globe, you can find the front-woman hanging out in Toronto. Ahead of the release of Dragonette’s fourth studio album, the suburbs-born Canadian singer-songwriter sat down with us after a show to chat about everything from her love for her cabin up north to her songwriting process. And of course, we got to take a look inside her bag.

As we all know by now, our bags and the things contained in them say a lot about us. Though Sorbara kindly points out that she’s “much more exciting than [just] makeup,” we rummaged through her Hoi Bo bag (with her permission of course) to take a peek at what lies inside. Aside from spotting some matchy-matchy leather accessories, we also picked up a few of her fave things, including tasty lipsticks (YSL!), shopping at Jonathan + Olivia and Cos, and digging up goods at consignment stores. “I do a lot of vintage shopping,” she told us.

Flip through the gallery to find out what’s in Martina Sorbara’s bag.

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