Photography by Sharon Litchfield/Wedding Bells Magazine

What to Wear to Every Single Wedding You’ve RSVP’d to This Summer

The chill of winter has lifted from the air and that can only mean one thing: it’s time to get ready for all those summer weddings. Figuring out what to wear to the most important day of someone else’s life can be tough. While we may not have the answers to all your wedding guest queries (do I have to buy a gift for the bridal shower and the wedding?!?), we can help you with your fashion stresses. Here’s a guide to dressing up for every single wedding you’ve RSVP’ed too this summer, no matter what kind of style mantra you subscribe to.


For those who like to keep things traditional, look for springy colours in classic cuts. Add some depth with a textured fabric or beaded accessories.




To get that rustic-romantic feel, opt for soft pinks and lavenders with tulle and embellishments. Add feminine elements like bows and lace for accessories to complete the look.



To achieve a perfectly simplistic look, focus on well-tailored dresses and clean lines in fun colours. Pair with neutral accessories to contrast bright colours for minimalist perfection


Opting for a boho look is perfect for outdoor weddings. Patterns, flowing maxi dresses and distressed leather make this style a go-to for summer.

Pants Enthusiast

Let’s be honest, some people just don’t like wearing dresses and that’s okay. A summer jumpsuit is a go-to alternative for the pants enthusiast, but a flowing blouse with a well-tailored short or trouser do the trick too.

Gothic Chic

Does the idea of pastels make you dread Spring? We checked, and it’s perfectly acceptable to wear black to a wedding. Add some fun details with embellishments, mixed fabrics and interesting accessories.