Wear white, feel all right

For me, getting dressed in the morning involves asking myself some big questions. Are my grey J Brands clean? Is the Queen Street sidewalk covered in a mountain of slush and salt? (And just how waterproof are my moccasins?) Are sparrow feathers an appropriate hair accessory for the office? But on January 29, my morning routine will be a little bit simpler because I’ll be wearing white in support of Wear White 4 Windfall (ww4w.ca).

Windfall Clothing Service is the only new-clothing bank in Canada (they also throw the ultra-fashionable Buy Design fundraising bashes) and they’re asking Torontonians to wear white this Thursday and make a donation of $4, which will help get new clothing to people in need.

Of course, if a plain white tee is not your style, you can always go designer: Canadian talent Franco Mirabelli is selling a limited-edition shirt (shown) he created for the award-winning charity. Each one sells for $20 and all the proceeds go to Windfall. There are only 300 available, so grab your wallet and head to one of Mirabelli’s three T.O. boutiques (mirabelli.com) to pick one up.

See you on the 29th! I’ll be the one in the white shirt and sparrow feathers.

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