11 ways to side hustle like nobody’s business (and make some extra cash)

We get it. Money can get tighter than a pair of too-small skinny jeans. With the rising costs of practically everything, sometimes it’s hard to splurge on something special every once in a while. Rather than feeling guilty over a somewhat frivolous (tbh) purchase or grudgingly pinching pennies, why not side hustle for a little extra cash? From blogging to teaching, you’re bound to find a way to not only save your wallet but also your sanity.


If you’re in it for the long haul and don’t need cash immediately, blogging could become a quite profitable side hustle. After you’ve amassed some following (a.k.a your mom isn’t the only one reading your posts), you can start advertising on your site. By incorporating the standard ads in your sidebars to participating in affiliate marketing, which is just a fancy way of getting others to buy products you link to, you can make some serious income. However, getting your blog to a place where you can actually profit off of takes a lot of time and a lot of work, so this option is certainly not for the lazy or uninspired.


If you’re crafty, why not get creative and make some extra money? The key to actually profiting off of this though lies in your pricing. Not only do you have to price your goods at an attractive price for customers, but you also have to make sure it’s above and beyond your break-even point. Therefore, some crafts lend themselves to side hustling more (pro tip: if it takes more than a day to make, it’s probably not the best idea). After you’ve DIY’ed to your heart’s content, set up an Etsy account and get selling.

Trading and swapping

Let’s be honest, we’re probably going to be spending the extra cash we get from side hustling on stuff like makeup or clothes. If that’s the case, skip the hustle part and get into trading and swapping. If you’ve got some great pieces in your wardrobe or even your makeup collection that you no longer love, you’ll probably be able to trade them for things you’re 100% in love with now. Bunz is a great online option for trades but keep an eye out for local swap events because they do actually exist.

Selling services

If you’re particularly skilled at doing anything, you could probably make a couple of bucks doing it. Selling your services has gotten a lot easier with apps like Fiverr that act as a marketplace for super marketable and even not-so-marketable obscure services. Case in point: you can find graphic designers alongside people willing to sing “Happy Birthday” in any which way imaginable on the site. Also, don’t let the name fool you since services can be sold for more than $5 a pop. Got a car? You can always become an Uber driver.

Doing surveys

This one’s an oldie but a goodie. If you’re a data freak or love filling out forms, doing surveys can give you some pocket change every month, which certainly can add up. If you’ve got a couple hours, find a focus group or survey in your area and you’ll be more than a couple bucks richer. If you don’t want to leave your house though, you don’t have to as there are plenty of websites that offer paid surveys for Canadians.


By now, you’ve probably picked up on the fact that if you’re skilled at something, you can make some serious money off of it. By teaching or tutoring someone, on anything from how to play a guitar to how to code, you can make some steady side money. Once you’ve got a student, word of mouth often brings many more. If you aren’t getting students and you want to teach someone something out of the ordinary, sign up to teach an online course on a site like Skillshare.

Becoming a life coach

Maybe you don’t have all your finances in order, but you may have mastered the rest of what life has to offer. If that’s the case, becoming a virtual life coach may be the best side hustle for you. By offering personal Skype sessions with people willing to shell out to listen to your words of wisdom, you don’t even have to leave your couch to leave an impact on someone’s life and, ahem, your wallet.

Becoming a virtual assistant

If you’re willing to help people out (for a price, of course), consider becoming a virtual assistant. With sites like Upwork, you can get hired to do tasks like researching, scheduling or managing emails. Being a freelance virtual assistant also comes with a perk that typical assistants don’t have: you can switch bosses anytime.

Becoming a friend or cuddle buddy

If meeting strangers and potentially getting too close for comfort with them doesn’t completely freak you out, offering friendship or cuddles could actually make you some lucrative side money. RentaFriend allows you to get paid for hanging out with someone and if you’re looking for friends yourself, you could possibly forge a real friendship after the initial exchange. If that’s not sketchy enough for you, you could always become a cuddle buddy for someone in need of strictly platonic touch.

Airbnb-ing your home

If you’re even more trusting towards strangers and love to travel, think about renting out your place on sites like Airbnb. It’s the perfect side hustle. You can also make it work if you’re not jet-setting. For instance, if you spend half your time at your SO’s house anyways, but cringe at the thought of officially moving in with each other, you could at least make some money off of being commitment-phobic.

Becoming a brand ambassador/consultant

We all know of the Avon ladies of yesteryear. Perhaps you’ve even fantasized being a consultant yourself. In this day and age, there are so many different companies offering updated programs similar to the one Avon made famous. Pick a brand you love, like Stella and Dot, and bask in the opportunity of selling merchandise you adore. And, hey, if you end up stuck with some products, it wouldn’t be the worse thing that could happen.