How to Avoid a Wardrobe Malfunction, According to Kate Middleton

Photography by UK Press Pool/Getty Images

Being a lady is hard. Even if you’ve got the manners thing down pat like our girl Kate Middleton, a strong gust of wind can take you down faster than a scandal ever could. But Mother Nature has met her match in Middleton. When it comes to wind-blown dresses and skirts, the Duchess of Cambridge is like a lion tamer, subduing fly-away clothing with a steady hand and a poker face—all while the world is watching. (She puts the easy in breezy.) Even when her enviable locks get whipped around, somehow she still manages to look like a Vogue cover girl. Good genetics? Sure. But princesses aren’t only taught how to hold a handbag and curtsy; keeping style on lockdown is part of their gig, too.

I may not be a princess (an official one anyway) but when it comes to wardrobe malfunctions I can relate. I remember one particularly windy summer day when I was on a ferry heading over to Nantucket with my now in-laws. I was standing by the bow and dressed to impress in a swingy skirt.  Thanks to one big gust of wind, my future mother-in-law had a front-row seat to a surprise peep show starring my Eberjay undies. I mustered up my inner Kate, smiled gracefully and smoothed my skirt, while silently screaming, “Holy Sh*t!” Clearly, I need a few more lessons from her, and chances are you do, too.

Here are 7 times Kate Middleton saved herself from an embarrassing wardrobe malfunction. All hail.

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