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You’ll Need to Fill Out a Questionnaire if You Want a Piece From Virgil Abloh’s New Jewellery Line

No, we're not kidding.

We’ve heard of pre-sales, VIP access and private shopping appointments, but having prospective customers fill out a questionnaire to even be considered to be permitted to buy one of your pieces? Well, that’s new. And it is, of course, the work of boundary-pushing designer Virgil Abloh.

The artistic director of Louis Vuitton has teamed up with Jacob & Co. to create a new line of jewellery pieces inspired by things you’d find around an office – particularly the humble paper clip. Called ‘Office Supplies’ (naturally), the new collection is made up of necklaces, bracelets, money clips and earrings. In an interview with Vogue UKAbloh described the collection as “a modernist take on fine jewellery, purely from a sentiment of being obsessed with adornment and making necklaces out of paperclips in school during my childhood.” He added that a paperclip “is less than five cents. Done in diamonds it obviously exudes a different value but it offers the same intrigue to the brain when you look at it.”

As with all things the Off-White designer touches, there is certain to be huge interest in the pieces, which range in price from CAD$4,000 to $99,000. However, if you want to own one, you’ll have to be approved by Abloh himself first. Explaining the unique selling concept to the site, the designer explained, “People will fill out a short questionnaire, submit their request, and I decide where these pieces will go on a case-by-case basis. I want it to feel very old school It’s bespoke. The transaction becomes very particular so the consumer can value it as if they’re owning a special piece from my studio rather than, say, a pair of trainers.”

If you’re interested in trying (that being the operative word here) to get your hands on a piece from Office Supplies, you’ll need to email officesupplies@canary— May the odds be ever in your favour.

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