Video: Behind the scenes with Beyoncé’s tour stylists

While some might have you believe that the magic of Beyoncé is just that, magic, the queen is revealing the team of stylists that help her prep for daily global domination. The latest installment in a string of behind-the-scenes tour videos released on her YouTube page provides some serious designer eye-candy as we delve into the wonderful world of wardrobe for the Mrs. Carter World Tour. In the video, tour stylists Ty Hunter and Raquel Smith give an up close and personal look at all the different tour outfits and share how looks are chosen, how they come together and some insider details on those quick costume changes (think layers) from Givenchy to Ungaro and beyond. One Versace employee shares how long it took to make that insane white and silver fitted number (spoiler: a paltry 300 hours). For the Crazy in Love segment, the secret to better on-stage twerking is revealed and it includes plenty of ruffled patent leather.

And while those looks might do justice to Beyoncé’s dance numbers, there’s always some family repping to be done, which the signer did twice last week with two sequined (and custom shortened) Fall 2014 Tom Ford dresses created in homage to Jay-Z.

If for no other reason, the video brought us one step closer to Beyoncé and her impeccable taste and style whims. We’re calling it right here, right now—polka dots are going to be the next big thing. All thanks to Queen Bey.