Vancouver: Jennifer Heil shows off her new silver jewellery (and medal!)

Jennifer Heil might be all Olympic muscle, but even she finds the silver medal she won in moguls heavy.

“It’s an actual pain in the neck,” she admitted, cradling the gleaming silver chunk in her hands. Still Heil was beaming during brunch at Birks Vancouver store on day 7 of the 2010 Olympic and Paralympic games. She let reporters hold the medal (it IS heavy!) and unveiled two new designs for Birks (

Stackable silver rings and bangles have been added to the silver bracelet, earrings and necklace in the Jennifer Heil collection launched last fall. Each piece has a circular motif with a different texture to symbolize the five qualities that Heil deems necessary for Olympic success: focus, team, joy, dream and courage.

After accepting a gift from Birks president and CEO Tom Andruskevich–a diamond ring from Birks Destinee collection–Heil thanked Canadians for their support of her Olympic dream.

“One of my most exciting moments was standing on top of that mountain–yes, in the pouring rain–and hearing all of Canada cheering for us. The mountain was vibrating with the sound of Canadians cheering us on. That’s a moment that is going to be with me forever.”

Heil also expressed her appreciation to Birks for giving her “carte blanche” in the jewelry designs.

As the Olympics’ first luxury jewelry supplier, Birks has given 42,000 gifts to be handed out to athletes, dignitaries and other Olympic ‘family members.’ Birks was also commissioned to produce the Olympic Torch Replica, a miniature version of the torch that was carried through over 1,000 communities across Canada.

Below are a few pieces from Heil’s collection and snaps from the event.

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