United Colors of Benetton Spring 2013 Ad Campaign: Lea T., Charlotte Free and Alek Wek bring the brand back to its multiculti roots

United Colors of Benetton Spring 2013 Ad Campaign

United Colors of Benetton Spring 2013 Ad Campaign

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United Colors of Benetton released its Spring 2013 fashion campaign today, and this season it’s the unique group of models that has caught everyone’s attention. In the past, Benetton has been known for launching controversial ad campaigns that focus on international social issues such as race, politics, and sexuality. Throughout the 90’s, these campaigns raised social, cultural and ethical questions with their shocking and sometimes tragic images that had little to do with the clothes. However, this time the retailer has chosen to celebrate a group of nine international personalities who are recognized for their strength, passion, and diversity; continuing Benetton’s commitment to multiculturalism while still showcasing the brand’s spring clothing.

The nine talents include South Sudanese model and former refugee Alek Wek, British boxing-champion-turned-model Dudley O’Shaughnessy, top Middle Eastern model Hanaa Ben Abdesslem, and iconic Brazilian gender-reassigned model Lea T. Each with their own inspirational story, they all represent Benetton’s commitment to promoting tolerance and multiculturalism. The campaign, which features print ads as well as a series of videos, sees each model sharing their unique personality and discussing their interpretation of colour.

In addition to promoting Benetton’s Spring 2013 collection, the campaign also supports Benetton’s UNHATE Foundation. Through various communication campaigns and actions in local communities, the UNHATE Foundation aims to fight against all forms of discrimination by promoting positive actions in the global fight for human rights. A limited edition t-shirt with images from the spring campaign will soon be sold around the world, and all proceeds raised will be donated to the UNHATE Foundation.

Look for the United Colors of Benetton campaign in magazines and on Benetton.com this spring.

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