United Colors of Benetton saves its unholy a** with what else, a donation to the Church!

Not all love is created equal in the eyes of the Vatican, and after an ongoing legal battle with United Colors of Benetton, a settlement has been reached over the retailer’s “Unhate” campaign. The a-maze-ing ad captured a more than friendly moment between Pope Benedict XVI and Imam Ahmed Mohamed el-Tayeb, and was pulled late last year when the Vatican condemned the use of the Pope’s likeness. That’s right, condemnation isn’t restricted to a one-way ticket to Hell, it also comes in the form of a large, undisclosed “charitable donation” made by United Colors of Benetton to the church. So much for those old-school Christian values of love and forgiveness—new school capitalism prevails once again.  You can’t see it, but Adam Smith’s invisible hand is giving us the thumbs up.

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