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Trouvaille Wants to Be Your Stylish New Best Friend

The new site is part old-school fashion blog, part e-commerce platform and part personal stylist

Have you ever become overwhelmed with choice while shopping online, panicked and then ended up purchasing three ill-advised dresses instead of just one?

Now you can get seasoned—and curated—advice from Trouvaille (French for “a lucky find”), a newly launched website that customizes your online shopping experience by cleverly narrowing down the choices based on what’s perfect for you. It’s one part old-school fashion blog, one part e-commerce platform and one part personal stylist. Just fill out a quiz specifying your tastes and budget and within a week the team will send you a list of items to buy online, complete with multiple styling options.

“Right now, there’s so much choice and clutter out there,” says founder Britt Barkwell, who uses her highly attuned editor’s eye to make the selections. It’s like shopping with your best friend, if your best friend happened to work as a content editor at Holt Renfrew for seven years, and happens to have impeccable taste.

From November 19 to December 21, Trouvaille’s expertise will move from URL to IRL with a holiday market pop-up at Commerce Court in Toronto’s Financial District.


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