Training and terraces

Fresh and tanned from a 10-day holiday on the Mediterranean, I’m back on the fashion circuit, energetic but frustrated with the weather (where will I flaunt my new gold Paule Ka micro-bikini and flirt with beach bums?) But thankfully I’ve got a bunch of cool things to do this month. I can’t complain. After eating like a pig in France (they now drink champagne on ice!) and Lebanon, it’s time to get a bit of a workout and get ready for those uber-tight leather leggings I’m dreaming of. (Haider Ackermann at Les Createurs is what I’m aiming for, if you must know.)

So I’m hitting the new gym at the sleek Hôtel le Crystal ( to work those abs and glutes. And I’m following the training session with a lush treatment at the spa and a nice sauna to remind myself of the sizzling days at the beach.

Once that’s done, I’m heading to one of Montreal’s hottest terraces for drinks with desirable businessmen. Either Italian delicacies at Bice (, or traditional French cooking with a view of the Saint Lawrence at Narcisse ( And if all goes well by the end of the summer I’ll have a toned silhouette and a dynamic young Don Trump type in my life.

Photo courtesy Hôtel le Crystal

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